Cramster [137 of 151]



Cramster appears to be a rather hungry fellow. They mostly chew on rocks to hone the flat, clamping teeth they use to dig tunnels through tree roots and solid earth. Cramsters’ teeth are always growing, so they spend up to eight hours a day shaping them.

Here comes San Diego Comic Con! We have moved to Gallery Nucleus’ booth #2743! We will be debuting the 24×36 inch Capture Creatures poster, with all 151 creatures on it, as well as our first resin toy! We’ll be there Wednesday through Sunday! We also recently had some server difficulties, so a couple of recent creatures are missing. Updates will resume this week and the missing creatures will be restored shortly!

Zapatiel Attacks

zapateil attack This painting is for sale!

We would like to thank all the amazing people who came out to our opening at Gallery Nucleus. Capture Creatures has been one of the most wonderful experiences of our career and we have all of you to thank for it. Throughout the rest of the show we’ll continue to share paintings, but if you wish to purchase any they are all now available online. The show can still be viewed for the next couple of weeks in person at Gallery Nucleus in Los Angeles.

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Olmega [133 of 151]

150 Olmega is believed to be a living dinosaur, with sightings dating back to pre-creature history. The exact relationship between Olm and Olmega is subject to many unsubstantiated theories, none of which are worth discussing here. Olmegas keep order in the most restless regions of the creature kingdom using their robust tail. The spikes which dot their tail are the consistency of glass, containing small reactors of energy that burst on contact. It should go without saying, but you should really avoid Olmega’s tail.

The 151 painting Capture Creatures gallery show is just under 24 hours away! Saturday at 7pm in Los Angeles! Chiptunes will be playing courtesy of the rad Space Boyfriend!

Charcalk [132 of 151]



Charcalk is a much sought after ornamental creature. Superstitiously considered a symbol of power and influence, prominent clans have always wished to display such a powerful and striking beast. The creature thoroughly resists any kind of domestication and must be carefully kept to avoid injury. Charcalk’s metallic tail-feathers are used to shield itself from the attacks of other fire creatures, with which it has a combative relationship. Attempts at taming Charcalk are ill-advised.

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Calico Archipelago [131 of 151]


Calico Archipelago is the final evolution of starter-type Tabbypole. When its middle-evolution, Tidalpole, reaches adulthood, the creature completes its transition into its final form. Greatly increasing in size, the creature now hosts small ecosystems on its back. With tiny trees sprouting upon its islands, Calico Archipelago develops an immunity to plant-based attacks. Calico Archipelago is pictured here with a boat piloted by a particularly miniscule and unfortunate Puug.

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Axilotus [130 of 151]


The third evolution of starter type Axipoddle, Lilipaddle sprouts into Axilotus following increased exposure to water. Having gained the ability to breathe underwater through its purifying facial tendrils, the creature spends most of its time hidden in lakes. Axilotus’ enlarged head flowers provide a safe environment for raising young Axipoddles. The primary weapon of the Axilotus is its tail; the leaves provide a sharp edge and the stalk acts as a dense clubbing staff.

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Furnice [129 of 151]



Furnice is the adult form of the starter creature Bon Bon Fire and its middle-evolution Carbon Pyre. In its advanced state, the creature no longer consumes bamboo, only the fires it sets on the bamboo itself. Furnice’s entire body is a giant kiln, carrying little weight. Its fire attacks, although few, can destroy entire forests in mere seconds.

Leon [128 of 151]



An ancient extinct creature, Leon was once the symbol for one of two royal factions. Leon’s legacy is defined by tall tales of primal power and unpredictability. By contrast its respectful relationship with Mono is said to keep the world in harmony. Archaic writings say that any creature that stood against Leon would turn to dust.

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