Peskabre [145 of 151]


Peskabre’s evolution occurs when a Peskane leaves its ocean habitat permanently. Peskabre must consume huge amounts of water, as it is unable to breathe pure oxygen. The creature has many pockets deep within its body for the longterm storage of its breathing water. Peskabre use their tusks to defend bodies of water where their fellow Pesky and Peskane reside.

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Bechder is a cute and cuddly creature that betrays little of its future capabilities. Many Bechder remain in this state, living in harmony with the rest of the creatures in its leafy habitat. Its flame related abilities are not offensive and the creature has been known to warm less insulated creatures in the winter with its breath. The conditions that result in their aggressive evolutions is unknown.

Capture Creatures is a hardcover compendium of creatures, available to purchase now from B9 & TopatoCo! It is also now a monthly comic book series with a brand new story debuting in November. You can pre-order it at your local comic store with the Diamond code SEP141165 or ask for Capture Creatures from Boom! Studios! The deadline for pre-orders is September 25th!

Capture Creatures #1 Available For Pre-Order!

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Capture Creatures now a monthly comic series!



We’ve been awful quiet on this website, holding back the last few creatures (which you can see in the B9 hardcover edition right now), but now we are happy to show what we’ve been planning all this time! We’re incredibly proud to announce our first monthly comic series, Capture Creatures, with our buddies at Boom Studios! Feels good to be making comics again! More on the story at Comics Alliance, with amazing variant covers by Joy Ang, Amanda Visell and Missy Pena!

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Physically strong Puugs eventually diverge from their colony and evolve into Staant. Staants make a conscious decision to sacrifice their building ability for superior defensive qualities. Still small in stature, they team with countless other Staants to protect their colonies from aggressors. Staant’s head-pincers grow quickly, often snapping them off themselves to use as weapons. When still attached to their heads, these pincers deliver powerful stings.

Scoot [142 of 151]



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Scoot’s speed and lack of body-mass allow it to run on water for up to a mile. However, if a body of water is longer than a mile, Scoot is liable to sink. As a plant creature, Scoot thrives on water and will often stay underwater, breathing through the flower on its tail. Camouflaged underwater as a lilipad, he is often mistaken for Lilipaddle, which can lead to some tense encounters.

Quokick [141 of 151]


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The evolution and protector of Jarbounce, Quokick is a more adept fighter. Quokick have many young, but only one at a time can be protected in its pouch, usually the runt of the litter. Their appearance is indicative of their docility, but its stubby appendages betray little of their inner strength.

Paraptor [140 of 151]


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Paraptors evolve from wild Therowing. In this form, Paraptor gains articulate claws on its wings and feet. Over time its rear reptilian frill sprouts feathers and extends, significantly aiding in stabilising flight. Although unable to move its tail independently, Paraptor swings its entire body in the direction of its enemy, rendering its tail a powerful cudgel.

Scoal [139 of 151]


This painting is for sale!

A flame creature, Scoal sources its power from its spots. These spots are white hot, burning at over eight thousand degrees kelvin. Scoal’s body efficiently disperses this heat, as the rest of its body is the same temperature as any non-flame creature.

Where have the Capture Creatures been the last couple of months, you ask?

Well, after the gallery show we were totally burned out (and we also had the best time ever). Then San Diego Comic Con rolled around and kicked our butts again (and we had the best time ever again). Then we weren’t exactly sure when our book would be coming out due to things like boats that carry books from faraway places.

However, we are now somewhat refreshed and happy to announce that the book is on its way from the B9 Kingdom! Kickstarter books will be going out soon!

We will also have copies of the book at SPX (Small Press Expo) in Bethesda, MD where we will be tabling with our lovely friends at TopatoCo!